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Travelling Around Asia. One Street Food Stall

I always promised I would never blog. Aaaaagh what happened to me?! Anyways, here I am - Nigel from England, and showing you guys my life in Asia…

My story is pretty similar to a lot of bloggers, hated my life, finished uni, couldn’t get a job, ended up working in a supermarket, read blogs and checked instagram until my eyes almost bled each day. I had to make a change. I researched about English teaching, and as a English grad it sounded like my way out, a way to experience a new life, an adventure. Finally. So I did a TEFL course and flew to Vietnam.

I had planned to get a job in a language school in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh but I met a guy in a bar in Hanoi (all good stories start like that!) and he was teaching online. 3 days later, I was teaching English online. $20 an hour, no contracts and now I’m free to gallivant around Asia, and beyond.

I’ve managed to visit 18 countries in the last 2.5 years, teaching from my laptop, loosely based in Vietnam but in reality I can be anywhere. I wrote this page from a coffee shop in the Yunan province, China as I make my way to Thailand. You can do the same, it beats working in a dead end job! Laters, Nigel.


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