5 Street Food dishes in Thailand you can’t miss

5 Street Food dishes in Thailand you can’t miss

I am a massive food lover and having traveled all over the world sampling a wide variety of local cuisine, I can honestly say that my heart is rarely happier than when I am exploring some beautiful street food. As far as street food goes, the very best that I have tasted in is Thailand, not only is it tasty, aromatic, fragrant and super cheap, but it is the healthiest street food that I’ve had from both a calorie and from a general wellbeing standpoint.

If you are heading to Thailand any time soon then I though I’d give you the benefit of my experience and share with you 5 Thai street food dishes which you really can’t afford to miss out on.

Pad Kra Pao

I pretty much survived on this dish when I had little money and it is a real favorite of mine. The dish is story fried chicken or minced pork which is whipped up with Thai basil and chillies, served with an egg on top and sat on a bed of fragrant and fresh white rice. This dish does come with a bit of a kick and so if you aren’t a fan of hot food, make sure that you asking the vendor to turn the volume down a little.

Khao Kha Moo

This is a super simple yet really filling dish which is perfect to have as a late lunch. Khao Kha Moo is pork leg which has been slow cooked until it is juicy and soft and then served over rice with a beautiful sauce. The sauce which the meal is dressed with is a beautiful mix of spices, molasses and soy sauce which gives a rich and caramelized texture.

Kai Jelow

Because of the fact that this is one of the cheapest dishes which you are likely to find on the Thai streets, it is a meal with many budget travelers have fallen in love with. In short, this dish is a Thai omelette that is served over fresh rice. Generally speaking this makes for the perfect breakfast snack and you can have it cooked with anything from chicken, fish and vegetables, the perfect start to the day.

Pad See Eiw

If you are looking for a real hearty dish to get stuck into on an evening, this one is for you, filling, comforting and packed with flavor. In this dish you will find some thick rice noodles which have been stir fried with rich soy sauce, meats such as pork and chicken, and then they will throw in some fresh veg like cabbage or broccoli. This is a dish that is perfect for those lonely nights or when you are just feeling a little homesick.

Mu Ping

I rarely eat full blown meals on the streets of Thailand as I much prefer picking up a series of snacks on the go. The best snack which falls into this category is Mu Ping which are grilled pork skewers which are served with some beautiful sticky rice. The marinade which is added to the skewers differs from seller to seller and it adds an extra kick of favor to this beautiful dish.

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