How to teach English online

How to teach English online

There are people all over the world who would love to learn English and instead of taking themselves to a college or night school, they instead opt to utilize the internet so that they can learn from home. If therefore, you are looking to make some extra money, you can tap into this market and teach English online to a wide range of students. I taught English in South Korea for a short while and whilst the money was great, I didn’t like the fact that I was staying in the same place for so long. For this reason I started to teach online and here is how you can too.

Getting Set Up

The first step is to work out a syllabus for your class, split this down into level 1,2 and 3 for varying levels. You should look at how you will teach the basics, what you will use to test and how you can ensure that students recap the knowledge which you are giving them. You also need to work out when your class times will be, so that it fits into your other responsibilities. The syllabus is the key here and whilst you may tweak it over time, getting it nailed down early will really help.

Video Services

Next up you need to invest in a solid video service platform where you can give your classes. My experience has been that Zoom and Google Hangouts are the best to use, they have fewer problems than the likes of Skype and they are much higher in quality.

Payment and Policy

Next up you need to create a pricing structure for your lessons, break this up into the different levels or charge per class, it is up to you. A great idea for this is to have a promotion which will give 2 classes free when bought in blocks of 10 or something similar. There is quite a lot of competition in this field and so a promotion can help to attract students to your classes.

Another aspect to think about is how you will receive payment, I have found PayPal to be the best method of payment as most people already have an account there. Finally you should ensure that you have a policy in terms of payments and cancellations.

Getting Students

In order to get as many students as possible, you should look to try and partner up with foreign schools, you should also be using social media intensively until you have amassed the right number of students. Make sure that you cap how many students you will teach at one time, it is nice to get more money of course but you don’t want to over-burden yourself.


Not everything you teach has to be live and you should look at putting together some online courses to support your classes and to help anyone who wants to learn English on their own. If your YouTube videos are viewed enough times, you can make side income from this by way of advertisements.

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