Items I Have To Have on a Weekend Break

Items I Have To Have on a Weekend Break

Whenever I go traveling, there are some certain items which I simply have to take with me. These items differ somewhat depending on the type of vacation which I am going on but over the years, and after racking up thousands of miles, I have honed my packing so that I never forget key items.

Ever since basing myself in Bangkok, I love nothing more than using this is a jumping off point to go for weekends away to enjoy myself. I wanted therefore to share with you some of the items which I always make sure are in my bag when I head off for a weekend break.

Travel Press

I absolutely adore coffee and I’m not entirely sure that I could function without my daily cup of Joe. I have however had my standards raised incredibly since living in Bangkok and there is one luxury item I like to take with me whenever I go away, a French press. Now, I must stress that the coffee press which I take away with me is a travel press, not the whole kit and caboodle, that our be crazy. I love the compact nature of my cup and the fact that I can press my own rich coffee when I am away is an absolute must for me.

Power Bank

One of the first things in my weekend bag is a fully charged up power bank which I can use to charge my phone whilst I am away. You may not think that this would come in handy given that you can juice up your phone just about anywhere, but there are many situations where a power bank will come in handy. For example just last year I was in a National Park for the weekend and were it not for my trusty power bank, I would never have been able to capture all of the great photos that I have.

My Kindle

I work on my laptop most days and whenever I go away on a big trip, I cannot do without it. When I go on a weekend break however, I like to leave my laptop home and enjoy some much needed offline hours. To replace the time that I would usually spend on my laptop, I like to read a book or two instead and the Amazon Kindle is my chosen way of doing just that. I love how sleek this product is and the fact that I can pack all of my library on to this small device. The design of the screen is perfect to reduce stress on the eyes and without question this is one of my favorite gadgets to take away with me whenever I take a weekend out. I think that decompression is really important, especially when you spend the day staring at a computer screen and this for me, i the perfect way to do just that.

What are your travel essentials when you take a weekend away? Let us know in the comments below.

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