Reasons Why You Should Go All Out For This Year’s Vacation 

Reasons Why You Should Go All Out For This Year’s Vacation 

For years I used to go to similar resorts for my vacations, I would change the country of course, but generally speaking we would choose a quiet resort, with beach, sea, sun and sand, the basics for a great vacation. In terms of the cost, I would always look to try and do this as low-priced as possible, not quite budget, but far from luxury. Last year however, things changed and my partner and I decided to bite the bullet and indulge in one of those luxury Thailand holidays which all my buddies had raved about. I was completely blown away by the experience and it has now completely raised the bar in terms of how I will be spending my vacations in the future.

Luxury travel, whilst it may cost more than a normal vacation, is absolutely worthwhile, especially the likes of which I took on a beautiful Thai island, basking in sunshine and being waited on hand and foot. If you are looking at changing up your vacation experience, here is why I recommend that this is the year when you go all out, and indulge in luxury.

Zero Negatives

When we go on vacation we are often so pleased to be away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, that we can often look past the negatives. The negatives I refer to here are perhaps a hotel room which is a little dated, a swimming pool which doesn’t quite catch the sun, a lengthy walk to the beach, or even something as simple as poor service in the hotel. When you go luxury however, all of this changes and every aspect of your vacation is completely tailor-made to ensuring that all of the experience is positive. My partner and I stayed in Ko Samui, in a private villa which had been meticulously designed to ensure that we weren’t left wanting for anything.

First Class Treatment

What I loved most about the luxury break was the attention to detail and the first class service which we received, from the moment that we arrived, to the moment that we left. In truth I felt a little embarrassed as I was not used to the incredibly high level of service which I received, to say that I felt like a celeb would be an understatement. Even the booking experience was different ahead of our Ko Samui trip and we had someone to help us plan each step of our luxury break such as where to go, what we wanted to do and when we wanted to do it. Arriving on the islands we were taken straight to our villa as our host described to us some details about the place. From this moment I had the feeling that whatever I wanted could be done within a moment’s notice. We all deserve to be treated like this once in a while, and that is just another reason why you ought splash out on some luxury this year.


The private villa which we rented in Thailand was simply stunning and completely private. Within the villa we had secluded outdoor seating areas which gazed across the ocean, an infinity pool with views across the mainland, large and open eating areas, a fully functioning kitchen and one of the nicest beds that I have ever slept on, not to mention the art installations inside which gave the whole place a truly luxurious feel to it. When I was in that villa, I had no worries, no stress and no desire to do anything other than indulge in the villa itself, and its natural surroundings. For me this is what luxury is all about and in order to get it, the extra cost is more than worthwhile.

All Inclusive

It is quite ironic that many of my vacations in the past were ‘all inclusive’ style deals, whereby you pay once and can enjoy all aspects of the hotel or resort. In truth however, the real meaning of all inclusive is what you get when you select a luxury vacation, and here is what I mean. When we arrived at the airport we were picked up by a personal concierge, whisked away to our accommodation with someone carrying our bags and personal items. Once we were in the villa, we had a huge array of staff to call on and services to take advantage of, as mentioned before when I talked about the First Class service. For me, this is the true meaning of all inclusive, a luxury service which covers all bases, which thinks about the happiness of the guest and dedicates themselves to providing it. Again, this is what you get when you go luxury.

Finest Destinations

Luxury vacations are not just about a fancy accommodation and in fact, luxury vacation companies will spend great amounts of time searching for the perfect destination whereby to place their beautiful villas, cabins and hotels. This means that your luxury holiday is about far more than just great service and a beautiful building in which to spend your time, but also about providing you some of the world’s most breathtaking locations to enjoy your vacation. Ko Samui for me was not just about the amazing service and the luxury villa, but also the magnificent surroundings of this gorgeous Thai island, of which I had the very best views.

Why not try something new this year, pay that little bit more, and enjoy some real luxury whilst you are away.

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