What’s the best TEFL course?

What’s the best TEFL course?

If you have been interested in teaching abroad then it is more than likely that you are going to need a TEFL certificate to do so. The TEFL is an internationally recognized certificate which helps its students to understand how best to teach their students. Because the course syllabus is easily accessible, there is a wide variety of colleges, schools and learning institutes who offer the TEFL course. This range of choice can pose a problem for people who do want  to teach abroad as it can be difficult to know which is the best TEFL course to take on. Today we are going to look at the online TEFL course, the most popular way of studying for the certificate, to find out which gives you the best choice.


This is a really novel company who are not only helping people to gain their TEFL certificate, but also giving something back to the world. For each new student which MyTEFL enlists, it donates to a a number of valiant causes around the world. The other benefit of this option for students is that the course is much more centered around practical learning rather than solely theory, giving you some valuable experience as you learn.

International TEFL Academy

The ITEFLA has its students operating in over 25 locations around the world and has passed more than 3,500 since its inception. The organization is internationally accredited and widely respected by schools and colleges around the world. The course here are even taught by university professors so you can guarantee that what you are being taught is of a high standard.

Premier TEFL

In terms of flexibility as you learn, this is probably the best choice for you and it is the perfect place to study if you are working in a full time job or if you have family commitments. All of the courses at Premier TEFL are over 100 hours and they can be completed in anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months. There is no restriction as to when you can study and all of the course materials are available on just about every electronic device. With Premier TEFL, you can even tailor your studies to focus on one particular location or region that you have been thinking about teaching in.

University of Toronto TEFL Online

To have a highly revered and successful university teaching your certificate is a great way to gain the best qualification possible and it is attractive to prospective employers. That is exactly what you can count on if you opt for a course with the University of Toronto. The 100+ hour courses are all managed by university professors and as such the level of teaching and the standard of education is incredibly high. If you are looking to work somewhere which already has high competition, it is worth doing all that you can to stand out and that is exactly what an online education with the University of Tornoto will give you.

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