Why Vietnam is a great base for working online

Why Vietnam is a great base for working online

If you are looking to become a digital nomad and launch a successful enterprise from your laptop, finding a base is key. Even if you still want to actively travel, it is always nice to have somewhere that you can keep coming back to in order to restock and put some work hours in. I spent quite some time trying to find a base that would fit my needs and after months of searching, I decided that Vietnam would be the best place from which I could launch my business. If you are looking for a base where you can put the hours in, here is why I think Vietnam is the best choice.

Solid Eco-System

The eco-system of startups in Vietnam is very strong and that really lends itself to networkers and entrepreneurs. The Vietnamese government are very keen on turning their country into a start-up haven and throughout the country you will find co-working spaces and highly intelligent individuals with whom you can network and work with on new projects.

Cost of Living

If you are in the process of trying to set up a business then it is likely that money will be very important to you, and there may not be much of it about. For this reason, Vietnam is the perfect place to make as your base because the cost of living is very, very low. Whether you are talking about food, lodging  or any other cost, Vietnam is amongst the lowest in the world when it comes to living. Whilst the cost of living may be cheap, the lifestyle is of very high quality and this extends beyond food and service to staff and accommodation.

Daily Vacation

There is so much to explore in Vietnam that when you do give yourself a couple of days off, you won’t need to travel too far before you find something wonderful and a beautify destination where you can relax and recharge. I honestly feel like I am on a daily vacation in Vietnam, even when I am working.

Country Hopping

The flights from Vietnam to neighboring Asian countries are incredibly cheap and this means that you can easily network and explore, without breaking the bank. Just last week I went to meet a client in Bangkok, I flew out Monday morning, had my meeting and then flew back on Tuesday morning for a very low price. I like having a base, but I need it to be somewhere that is easily accessible, Vietnam more than ticks that box.


I am a big foodie and so the base that I choose really needs to have great food, yet another reason for picking Vietnam. Here I indulge in street food and international cuisine, all of which can be found outside my front door. This may sound pretty trivial but if you are trying to launch your own company, you can’t do it on an empty stomach now can you!

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